Youth and the Law

PLIAN is dedicated to educating young people across Newfoundland and Labrador about legal issues that affect them. We frequently visit schools and community groups around the province to offer legal information sessions and presentations. Presentations we have available for young people cover a number of legal topics including family law, the criminal consequences of bullying, the law of sexual assault and consent in Canada, and careers in the law.

We have also created a number of publications aimed at youth. To help explain recent changes to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, we created a Youth Justice Fact Sheet that explains the changes and how the youth justice system has been impacted. Our publication For the Record- The Youth Criminal Justice Act has also been updated to reflect the recent changes. As well, we have publications about family law (“My Parents Live Apart”), and careers in the law available in the “Youth Publications” section.

Where funding allows, we offer summer camps about the law for young people. These camps have been offered frequently in St. John’s and in several other locations around the province where possible. To find out more about our Youth Justice Camps and to inquire into availability, please call or email PLIAN.

For more information on our presentations, publications, and camps aimed at youth, to book a presentations for your school or community group, or to ask any questions related to young people and the law contact PLIAN atl (709) 722-2643 or 1-888-660-7788 or email at